Sunlight of the Spirit Yoga Studio
 685 Morris Turnpike
Springfield, NJ  07081

"What Style of Yoga Do You Teach?"
In this age of branded everything this is a question which is frequently heard. Diane was trained by Claire Diab at the American Yoga Academy, whose website contains the following:

Our Style
Claire has created a unique style of yoga called M.D. Yoga ® “Modern Day Yoga” for the Modern Day Yogi. It is a blend of many different styles of yoga combining eastern and western philosophies which creates a beautiful flow. This style is for everyone whether you've been practicing Yoga for many years or if this is your first time. You will learn how to live your Yoga on and off the mat bringing ancient techniques, wisdom, and the essence of yoga philosophy into the class and into your daily life.

Diane has taken this training in M.D. Yoga and made it her own. Her personal experience with yoga has been as a component of holistic healing. Through movement combined mindfully with breath, through contemplative relaxation, a yoga class with Diane encourages the Union of body, mind and spirit. Try Sunlight of the Spirit Yoga and feel loose, uplifted and connected!

Be Happy, Joyous and Free!